Steadyrack Classic Rack (Code: SRACK01)

Looking for the ultimate bike storage solution? Safely and securely store your bike without any heavy lifting. Designed to pivot almost 160 degrees and fold flat for minimum storage space, our racks can be mounted on virtually any wall. Whether
you’re handy with the drill or it’s your first-time on the job, our guides make installation easy. To use our wall mounted racks, pull down the top arm, push your bike into the rack and pivot from side-to-side – it’s that simple!

It can be mounted to virtually any wall and will swivel almost 180 degrees from side
to side. It minimises space without compromising safety and there is no heavy lifting required.
  • 2.25″ maximum tyre width
  • 20″ – 29″ recommended wheel diameter (including tyre)
  • Bikes with fenders
  • Bikes without fenders
  • 35kg maximum recommended weight

The perfect mounting height is achieved when a bike is hanging in the rack and the rear wheel is close to the floor but not touching.

This ensures the least amount of rise to load the bike. Bikes come in different lengths depending on type and brand. The overall length or wheelbase of the bikes determines the mounting heights, which is why we suggest measuring your bikes. The recommended mounting heights will allow for both shorter and longer wheelbase bikes. If you know the types of bikes you would like to accommodate we can provide additional information on mounting heights to ensure you are able to achieve the maximum functionality and ease of use for the end users.

The diagram below shows the recommended mounting height for commercial applications.